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Fall Field Day is Monday 10/8!

Fall Field Day is an event within our school day that incorporates different fall activities into the morning schedule. Fall Field Day will be held on Monday, October 8, 2018 ~ 9:30AM-11AM • Any individual already listed on the Emergency Contact Form is welcome to attend!!!

• If an adult would like to visit and is NOT on the EC Form, please see a director prior to Friday, October 5.

• Children who are not scheduled to attend school on Monday, October 8 may attend during Fall Field Day only from 9:30-11 with a responsible adult. Important Notes for the day Activities will begin at 9:40. We ask that visitors do not arrive prior to 9:30am, as we will still be preparing for the event. Family members are also asked to leave at 11:00 when the activity is over, so we can continue with our day. Our younger friends may be upset at the confusion of the adult leaving at this time without them. Please know that we will give extra love and your little one will be distracted by other activities, including lunch, in no time! You are always welcome to call and check up on them after you leave. Enrolled children can only leave with an individual if h/she is listed on the emergency pick-up contact form. We understand parking may be challenging, we ask for your extreme caution if you choose to park out back of the center, as children will be playing. We recommend you park at Rita’s Water Ice, since it is currently vacant. Thank you for understanding!


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