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6 weeks - 5 years



6 weeks - 12 months

We know the importance of a safe, loving environment for your brand new baby. We feel that each baby is a special part of our family as well as yours. Open communication helps us create a schedule that is perfect for your baby, both at home and at school. We create a warm, stable atmosphere to help your baby feel secure while you are away.
We encourage your baby's natural curiosity to learn. Our experienced caregivers encourage this development by reading books, singing songs, and playing everyday. With toys to promote each new stage, your baby will grow and develop through every activity.

Welcome to the Nursery!

Young Toddlers

12 months - 24 months

We love to explore with your toddler! We help his or her physical development by offering opportunities to push, pull and ride on toys inside and outside. Activities from finer painting to building a block tower help keep little hands entertained and excited. We think learning is fun! Reading books about animals, vehicles and simple objects aid in language development. Singing songs and repeating finger plays teaches your child basic concepts like colors, counting and body parts. We love being a part of your chi'd growing mind and world!

Welcome to Junior!

Older Toddlers

2 years - 3 years

We are as excited to teach as your toddler is to learn! Our teachers and children play and learn together every day. Through sensory activities, imaginative play, early literacy and number games, we captivate the excitement and energy of your toddler in an environment where play is learning.

Welcome to the Primary!

Secondary Classroom

3 years - 5 years

We know how important it is for your child to feel "Big." Our classroom setting offers many opportunities for independent learning, beginning responsibility and a safe and creative exploration of science concepts, reading, writing, math and the arts. Throughout the day your preschool child can get involved in a group activity, read a book, play make-believe with a friend, assist a teacher, learning to solve a conflict or take time to work on a new skill.

Welcome to 
Preschool and PreK

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