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Our Mission

Encouraging Creativity, Independence and Natural Curiosity

At K-Prep Learning Center, we believe that it is crucial to create an environment where all children are loved and parents are comfortable to leave their children knowing they are loved and welcomed every day.
K-Prep is committed to educating parents and teachers in appropriate early childhood practices. We maintain high expectations while encouraging creativity, independence, natural curiosity and respect for authority in all children.

Our Goals

Our center encourages parents and teachers to...

- Meet children's individual needs and create a special relationship with each family and with the community.
- Positively communicate with parents, directors, and teachers to promote consistency, unity and education.
- Allow children to be as independent as possible while remaining developmentally appropriate.
- Foster creative thinking in children through modeling, encouragement and experience.
- Allow children to explore their natural curiosity within reasonable limits.
- Ensure that children follow the guidelines of the teacher/parent while respecting that authority
- Maintain a safe and healthy environment.

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