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Outdoor Classroom 

Children grow naturally when immersed in the environment.

What is an Outdoor Classroom? 

An Outdoor Classroom is more than a playground. It is designed intentionally for multiple levels of learning. An outdoor classroom includes different areas for engaging in science, art, music, nature and gross motor development. The outside offers a sense of freedom and exploration that is often restricted indoors. An outdoor classroom includes centers of intentional play with water and dirt, art opportunities influenced by shade and sunlight, music that changes as the wind blows and building blocks that can cast shadows or incorporate the falling leaves. Muscles stretch and grow when students ride bikes to the art galleries or dance with ribbons around the wind chimes.

Garden Schedule with The Edible Classroom

2021 Lessons.PNG

The Edible Classroom will provide age-appropriate lessons and garden maintenance weekly. This schedule is based on two 15-20 minutes lessons for approximately ten 3-5 year olds each week. Toddlers will visit the garden with buddies periodically throughout the season. 

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October 2021 Update

Check out this amazing video from the Edible Classroom. Our students enjoyed the sweet potato pancakes highlighted - along with some other great foods! 

Carrot Recipes! 

K-Prep harvested over 12lbs of carrots from the garden. The majority were prepared and saved for lunches over the school year. A handful were used for tasting today - the children enjoyed carrot Raisin Pineapple Salad and Carrot Pancakes. Check out the recipes here

September 2021 Update

August 2021

There have been so many wonderful updates and experiences with the garden! Children harvested many vegetables - a few of which are carrots, radishes, potatoes and tomatoes. The toddler class tried fresh grape tomatoes with lunch, and everyone took home potatoes freshly dug from the dirt! Sweet corn and peppers are coming next. 

The garden has been full of wonder all summer. The preschool class even has a temporary pet - they saved a caterpillar found in the garden and have been enjoying watching it change to a butterfly.  

New signs can be found around our outdoor space to extend learning and interaction between students, staff and families. 

potatoes on a scale.jpg

May 27, 2021 - Pizza Garden & First Harvest


The pizza garden with tomatoes, peppers and seasoning is planted. The corn is starting to sprout, the broccoli is growing quickly and the potato leaves are large! The spinach was harvested - please pick up a bag to take home today!

Ms. Marie came to help with harvesting the spinach today! 


April 8, 2021 - Preschool and Pre-K planted spinach seeds today! 

The children pretended to be seeds growing bigger with sun and water. Then they put seeds in a straight line in the soil, covered them up with more dirt, and watered them to help them grow. Children are taking home seeds to plant their own garden - carrots, peas and radishes! 

Instructions on planting seeds at home.


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