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Outdoor Classroom Initiative

An Outdoor Classroom is more than a playground. It is designed intentionally for multiple levels of learning. An outdoor classroom includes different areas for engaging in science, art, music, nature and gross motor development. The outside offers a sense of freedom and exploration that is often restricted indoors. An outdoor classroom includes centers of intentional play with water and dirt, art opportunities influenced by shade and sunlight, music that changes as the wind blows and building blocks that can cast shadows or incorporate the falling leaves. Muscles stretch and grow when students ride bikes to the art galleries or dance with ribbons around the wind chimes.

Images not owned by K-Prep. Only examples of outdoor classroom space in other schools.

K-Prep would like to design and build and outdoor classroom to be in operation in Spring / Summer 2020. We are currently looking for input in the form of ideas, materials, and funding. Please check out our Google Form to see more details. Or email to find out how you can be a part of this initiative!


Thank you for helping K-Prep create an Outdoor Classroom!