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In order to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to limit our use of paper, we will send you enrollment forms to sign digitally.

Prior to signing, if you would like to review the forms and details, please feel free to click on them below. 

Temporary Schedule Change Request Form!

 Long Absence 

or FT to PT

After a visit to K-Prep...

For initial enrollment families will complete an enrollment form and pay the first week tuition. This can be done up to 6 months in advance. It must be done 2 weeks prior to starting. 

After securing your space with tuition and enrollment form...

Families are required to complete an Agreement of Care, an Emergency Contact Form and Informed Consent document. 

One week prior to attending K-Prep...

Children schedule a 30-minute classroom visit without family and all additional forms are completed at this time. These forms include a signed menu, a child information sheet, ASQ-3 screening permission, Tadpoles account information, any special care plans or IEP forms and acknowledgment of family handbook. 

We hate to see you go...but life's changes happen all the time!

If you decide to unenroll your child from K-Prep, you can do so temporarily or permanently. A temporary leave offers assurance that your child's space is held for you to return in 4 to 14 weeks. You choose the duration of your leave, pay the weekly save-the-space fee, and feel comfortable knowing K-Prep is still available for your family. 

A permanent leave or withdrawal does not guarantee a saved space and is best for families planning to be gone for longer than 4 months. Re-enrollment if space is available is always option in the future. However, unlike our first-time enrollment, there is a re-enrollment fee.  

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