Events Throughout the Year

Guest Speakers 

Throughout the Year

October 27, 2020 

Nutrition & Eating Habits with Children

We believe education does not stop when school ends. It is not just for children or those currently enrolled in school. We believe education is for everyone.

We try and offer opportunities throughout the year for families, staff and the community to participate in learning new things, or improve existing skills.

If you have a suggestion on an area you want to learn more about or a speaker you have in mind, please contact us!

Secondary Back to School Night

Continuing with the theme that 2020 is a year like no other - our "Back to School night" is the opposite of past years. The teachers are bringing the class to you, since we know you can't visit the classroom and see all the great items your child uses to learn all year long. 

Please check out the AWESOME video The Secondary teachers, Ms. Amber, Ms. Kat and Ms. Alexis created!



Fall Field Day is unique for 2020! We will have 3 days of fun, fall activities, with families invited during their child's class day. 


Check out the FFD page for specific details. 

Holiday Meals & Stories

Holidays are special every year! To celebrate in 2020, we will share a Thanksgiving meal at school on Tuesday, November 24th. We will also have a Family Photo booth set up outside to share joy together safely. 

Throughout the month of December we hope families can come visit their child's class to share lunch together or read a brief story. 

November Lunch

Special Friend Day

February 14

Your child may invite an adult friend (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, neighbor) to school for a shared activity time. We'll have a craft to do together, toys to explore and snack to create and enjoy!

Entire Month of March

Children are invited to read a story with an adult every night during the month of March. They are encouraged to color a block on the calendar and participate in Spirit Days to celebrate early literacy. 

Check out more information on the Read  page. 

Easter Bunny Visit

March / April

The Easter Bunny comes for a special visit to help us celebrate our annual Hop-A-Thon. This week is devoted to learning about children with special physical needs and helping to promote awareness of Muscular Dystrophy.

End of Year Picnic


An opportunity for our families to relax at Mountville Community Park and celebrate a wonderful year of milestones achieved, new friendships created and learning while having fun!