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We are All in this Together! 
K-Prep Teachers do Believer!
Ms. Kat Says....
It really can be fun to use those listening ears!
Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic!
Families, the kids love this, it is fun and catchy! It is a great song to sing to get your energy up!!!!
Hi, My Name is Joe! 
Sing and move along with Ms. Ann as she sings about Joe in a button factory!
Bugs and Crawly Things Dance with Ms. Kat!
Going on a Bug Hunt with Ms. Ann!
I'm Still Standing performed by Secondary Class Teachers and their families! 
Tony Chestnut performed by Ms. Claire and kids - Marie, Elowyn, Benedict
Footloose - Performed by Ms. Kat, Ms. Amber, Ms. Alexis and their families
Old MacDonald - Performed by Ms. Becky
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