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Most Important Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- especially for children. Your child will focus better and learn more when s/he has had a good nutritious breakfast. A morning snack at school should not replace breakfast for your child. Instead, this can be an additional eating time to keep your child going strong during the day.

A great thing you could do is to plan time each morning to eat with your child - this can be as little as ten minutes. Your child will not only get the opportunity to have a full stomach before coming to school, but s/he will look forward to the time spent with you each morning.

These are some easy kid-approved breakfasts:

- Waffles (many kids are happy with them plain and slightly warmed)

- Microwavable pre-made pancakes

- Cereal - usually a favorite!

- Eggs - leftovers thrown in the microwave are easy

- Yogurt - with or without Granola topping

- Bagel - plain or with butter, cream cheese or peanut butter topping

- Cinnamon Toast

Encourage your child to share what they ate for breakfast with their school teachers, it always sparks a fun conversation! It also gives them something to be proud of when starting the day.

Favorite Kid Quote regarding breakfast, "My mom had coffee and I had cereal. Mom said it wouldn't be good to mix them up. But we still ate them together."


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