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Summer Fun and Planning for Fall

Happy July! The summer is moving along nicely with garden goodness, water play days, pirate adventures and new toys to push, climb and splash. We have added additional surfacing to the secondary playground, installed a new water table, added more push and riding toys to the toddler area and have plans to expand the toddler yards soon.

There are many great reminders and updates on the July Newsletter, please take a moment to review it.

After two years of struggling through Covid, we are hoping to return to a more "typical" routine at school, and this includes incorporating families in events and educational opportunities. We would love to know your ideas, interests and availability as we plan various experiences. Please complete a 3-question survey which will help us plan family events that fit your needs. Our yearly overview calendar will be sent out soon, and we want to make sure that the events you want to see and are able to attend are incorporated. Please complete the survey here.

Ms. Sam is coordinating a formula exchange to better support all our families. We are always so grateful when everyone shares the extras they have so everyone can benefit - it takes a Village! Reach out to for more details.

Last, we thank you for taking a moment to check over your child's emergency contact form and sign the agreement with updated tuition prices. If you need to make any changes throughout the year to phone numbers, pick up individuals or addresses, please see Claire or Sam. As we continue through summer, many families make adjustments to their child's schedule for Fall. If you are considering a change, please let us know, as we will be opening enrollment spaces for additional families soon.



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