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Another Summer to School Year Transition

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another wonderful summer and starting a new school year! As we prepare to wave goodbye to our pre-k students heading off to kindergarten, we are looking forward to new students enrolling, students returning from vacations, a wonderful new set of lessons to learn, and activities to play. We will transition to different outdoor activities after water play ends on August 18th. As with any new year, we have exciting hopes and plans, ambitious ideas to educate or entertain and some tried and true methods to bring back to the classrooms!

This September, we will have some minor construction changes as we expand to utilize the full space of the building. The infants and young toddlers will get some much needed space to grow and the staff will have some dedicated space to prepare lessons, meet with families or one another. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes through the Fall.

The pandemic continues to remind us the importance of flexibility as the regulations and requirements are constantly changing. At the time of writing this, August 11, Lancaster County remains in the "substantial" transmission phase for covid19 and the delta variant. This means that unvaccinated adults are required to wear a mask indoors and vaccinated adults are recommended to do the same. Children are wearing masks at the request of families. We will continue to wash our hands, toys, high-touch surfaces and bedding as routinely as we did during the peak of the pandemic. We ask you to still be aware of your child's daily health and work with us to keep our illnesses as low as reasonably possible.

Please continue to keep an eye on communication through Tadpoles and on our website. In a short time we will be sending out the school year calendar, reminders of the last few weeks of garden education and any updated transition information for the classrooms. As always, if you have any questions , please reach out and ask.

Open and clear communication keeps us connected and working together smoothly!

Thank you for the continued support,




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