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Checking In and Saying Hello

 We hope everyone is doing well. Let me start by saying, I have no additional information on operations returning to "normal." Like you, we are hoping the storm passes and lives are saved through the social distancing. If at all possible, we are home and trying to stay occupied and embrace family-time.

    Many of you may have seen that the PA Department of Education has announced that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year. Just a reminder, this is not K-Prep. K-Prep is licensed and regulated through the Department of Human Services. We keep returning to the idea that the governor cannot re-open businesses without opening childcare for working families. My gut is these openings will go hand-in-hand. But, unfortunately, I have nothing to verify this feeling.

    Financially, K-Prep is surviving, and we fully expect that we will weather this storm. We are extremely grateful for families that have been able to continue paying any amount of tuition. We have been able to pay our bills and offer pay to our staff during this time. If you have followed along with any of the small business financial help, we are approved for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan. We don't know when this loan will be finalized, but this gives us some assurance that we can continue to pay staff and provide health insurance for them, both of which are so important to us. Please know that we cannot guarantee any reimbursements for tuition, so if at any point you need to change the amount you are paying - your child's spot will still be available at K-Prep when this experience is over.

    Pictures were sent to the photographer, however, there is a delay in New Jersey, due to the printing office being open for limited days. We have been assured they will still get to us, but we do not know when. Once the photos arrive, we will determine the best way to get the pictures to you.

    At this point, we are unsure about planning our upcoming events and activities for May. If these events cannot happen as planned, we are hopeful they will be postponed, not cancelled. We still want to recognize our graduates and celebrate the students and families for the year - stay tuned!

    We love seeing all your children in the Zoom meetings and hopefully you are enjoying some of the content and additional information we are putting on the blog and Facebook page. Please don't hesitate to email us for anything you or your child needs or wants! Stay healthy, stay home, stay calm and we'll all get through this together!





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