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Get Moving!

Ms. Kat shared some great movement activities - some of these are a favorite of the secondary class!

10+1 Active Activities

Children have a lot of energy. It is important to continue to do fine and gross motor movement activities at home in order to enhance their movements.

1. Leap frog: this game helps get children’s energy out quickly. If you do not want to have your child leap over you, you could use stuffed animals for your child to leap over.

2. Simon Says: This game is great to help your child use listening skills while still being active.

3. Mirror, Mirror: Pick one person to be the leader. That person makes a movement and the other players mirror the leader’s movement.

4. Color scavenger hunt: Say a color and see how fast your child can find 5 items of that color. This is great activity for both active and academic reasons.

5. Flashlight I spy: I used to love playing this game when I was young. This works best at night, when it is dark. Start with one person who is the “I Spy-er” near the light switch. That person spies something then turns the lights off. The seekers turn on their flashlights and tries to find the item with the flashlight.

6. Roll a ball: This activity works on both gross motor and fine motor. You could add in academics as well by asking your child a specific question that has to do with numbers, letters, shapes, or colors then rolling the ball to him/her.

7. Keep the balloon up: Blow up a balloon and tie it. See how long your child can keep the balloon in the air without it touching the ground. You could play volleyball with the balloon. You could also have your child try to keep the balloon up with different body parts like his feet or head.

8. Obstacle course: Students love doing obstacle courses at school. You can use items at home to make the course. Item suggestions: pillows, cones (shoes if you don’t have cones), hula hoops, balls, stuffed animals, etc.

9. Bean Bag toss: Get a laundry basket, or an open container, and set it down. Then, if you don’t have bean bags, you can used stuffed animals and have your child try to get the bean bag/stuffed animal in the basket.

10. Go Noodle: This is one of the students’ favorite activities at school. Go Noodle is a website/app that has fun songs that get children moving. You can either go to or you can get the app. For the website, at the top click get started now. Then click “for families” and you can start browsing for songs. You could also get some of these songs on Youtube by typing in the song or Go Noodle. Below are some songs that the students love:

· Ntv: this is guided dances to songs you may know. Songs students like- I’m Still Standing, Jump, Footloose, and U Can’t Touch This.

· Moose Tube: are camp type songs that will probably get stuck in you and your child’s heads. Videos students like- Fabio’s Meatball Run, The Pirate Life, Purple Stew, and A-Moose-Ta-Cha.

· The Champiverse: are songs and workout activities. Videos students like- Not Dog Time Machine, You Are What You Eat, Digging For Water, Ride Ahead Of The Herd, Get A Haircut, Don’t Sit Down, and Double Your Money.

· Hot Ticket: These are like video games where students follow the movements on screen. It is great for listening practice. Videos students like- Showstoppers, Raise The Roof, and Run the Red Carpet.

· Maximo: These are also dance and workout activities. Videos students like- Twist and Shout, Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, and The Maxarena.

· Koo Koo Kanga Roo: These guys are really funny. They have different songs and dances students love to follow along. Videos students like- Zap It, Pop See Ko 2.0, I Get Loose, Get Yo Body Movin’, and Dino Stomp.

11. Bonus-Cleaning game: yes, you can get your children to clean sometimes! Teachers at school will pick a song and have students try to clean up before the song is over. Teachers then give the students a ticket if the students win. If not, teachers get the ticket. Students love trying to beat the song, and the teachers.

We hope these activities not only help your child get some energy out and increase in their gross motor capabilities, but also help you bond with your child!



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