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Holiday Happenings!

The holidays are here and we are celebrating at K-Prep! Tuesday, 11/24 will be a fun Thanksgiving-style lunch for the students. We will take time to share our gratitude for friends, family and food. While we can't gather as a large group to celebrate together, we want to give families a chance to enjoy a visit to school with their child. During the month of December, we invite families to pick a day to come in and share mealtime with their child, or read a story to the class - or both!

Please check out the event page for detailed information on visiting safely. Included are the links to celebrate with the Toddlers and Preschool students.

We all know that for this year, holiday celebrations have to follow a different format, but celebrating differently is not celebrating less. We are so grateful for our students, teachers and families. We will have little opportunities all month long to exchange a note of thanks to one another, to offer moments of connection and joy, while still remaining healthy and safe.

Please join us in celebrating the joyous end of 2020 with hope for a brighter 2021!


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