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The school year officially kicks off next Tuesday, 9/7/2021. If you did not yet pick up a Welcome packet in your child's classroom, please check their cubby or mailbox. Included in the packet is the brief calendar for the year and some notes about your child's classroom.

Please note we are closed next Monday (9/6) for Labor Day, and the Back to School Scavenger hunt for the preschool and prek classrooms is happening on both Tuesday and Wednesday at pick up times. Soccer Shots for secondary classes starts Wed, 9/15, and it is an optional, extra cost activity for 8 weeks in the Fall. For more information please sign up at soccer shots.

We still have a few more weeks of garden education - please take and make use of the produce the garden is giving us and reach out if you need suggestions for recipes or simple, easy ideas that your children will enjoy!

We are looking forward to a great school year! Thank you for continuing to support K-Prep.



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