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UPDATE 3:30pm 3/16

As of 3:30pm, Monday, 3/16/2020, K-Prep is remaining open, as Lancaster County Child Care Centers have not been mandated to close. K-Prep is waiting on full clarification, but it is our understanding that we are not, "non-essential" and therefore do not fall in the category of Gov. Wolf's non-essential closings in PA.

In the event of a closure, we know this will cause both logistic and financial hardships for families. Please understand that we can not afford to remain in business without any family tuition. We are trying to first meet our essential costs and second determine our ability to pay our staff. It is written in our policy that emergency closings still require full tuition payment. Of course, no one foresaw this experience when writing policies. We will still be invoicing your standard tuition payment. However, we are asking families to pay what they can, because we understand not all families will be able to continue to pay tuition. There will be no late fees or non-payment penalties. Please reach out with individual financial concerns.

In addition, as this unfolds, we will reach out to insurance and any and all state assistance to help K-Prep return to operations when this period of time is over. As things change, we will continue to update and we appreciate your understanding as we make decisions in a brand-new experience.



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