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Wintry Weather & Holiday Schedules

As we enter wintry weather, we want to remind you that we are in the Hempfield School District and we use this as a guidance for delays and/or closures at K-Prep. Any schedule changes will be announced as an alert through Tadpoles.

You can also use Tadpoles App to send us notes and mark absences - even in advance. This helps us know how to plan for the day or even the week ahead. (Especially around the holiday weeks!) If you already know your Christmas Week schedule – this is a great time to try out the app and let us know! If you are not sure how to mark specifics in Tadpoles, please see below.

The parent app on Tadpoles shows a picture of your child. This is Ms. Claire's extremely tolerant dog, Winston. He is wearing a mask to be safe from covid19. :) You can click "mark absent" on the top corner and select the days absent. Selecting "note" allows you to tell us something before your child arrives at school, such as "he is 2 hours late due to school snow delay."

Tadpoles App Help with Winston
Download PDF • 165KB



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